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Glamour, Turini & tradition... the Monte-Carlo Rally is back!


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Glamour, Turini & tradition... the Monte-Carlo Rally is back!

Ivan Blanco

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Will the Rally Monte-Carlo predict again the World Rally Champion?

7 out of the 9 last World Rally Champions won in Monaco!

Did you know that 7 out of the last 9 Rally Monte-Carlo winners ended up as World Champs? This first big race of the year, with permission of the Dakar race of course, shines with its own light as one of the Côte d'Azur's main yearly events. But don't drift away yet if you're not a racing enthusiast! Even for the non racing fanatics, this still is one of the World's major sporting events where the most curious traveller, visitor or just passer by won't walk unimpressed. 

Intrigued? Then keep reading.

Port Hercule Monaco - WRC show 2015

Monte-Carlo and racing sports are the perfect mix of tradition, history and unique racing atmosphere. Although it may be slightly overshadowed by the more popular Formula 1 race, which has in Monaco it’s most noteworthy symbol, the Rallye de Monte-Carlo goes back quite a few years more than its arrowed counterpart. In it’s now 84th edition, it is one of the oldest Rally and racing events of the World and is a must have in the World Rally Championship (WRC). Starting as a race to Monaco from diverse locations around Europe (pioneer travel spirit), it was an important means of demonstrating improvements and innovations in the automobile industry and soon became a reference in the racing circles, being now one of the most prestigious ones in the calendar. In addition, the public's access and freedom is less constricted as in the F1, allowing anyone to experience some of the best human engineering from only a few steps away. 

1911 marked the 1st ever Rallye de Monte-Carlo!

La Turbie - Historic Rallye de Monte-Carlo 2014

With a touch of nostalgia from the older days, every year, and heading for its 19th edition, the Rallye Historique de Monte-Carlo showcases some of the most beautiful classic Rally cars ever. Rather than racing for speed as their WRC counterparts, they drive to match specific times where speed is the lesser of the driving factors. If you like more this vintage approach then stay tuned for next posts, since this 2016 marks the 19th edition of the Historic Rally, having some of the most legendary classics back on Monaco’s streets: January 27th to February 3rd.

Monaco Casino square - Sebastian Loeb and Daniel Elena start 2015

Going on with some more recent history, 2015 marked the comeback of one racing legend: Sebastian Loeb with his Monegasque copilot Daniel Elena. Although the 9 times World Rally Champion didn't reach the desired results, it still was one unique opportunity to see the master behind a Rally car’s wheels… you can still see him driving, but unless you had a helicopter and followed him in the last Dakar race, then yeah, the last year's edition was the better option.

However, in addition to the legend’s comeback, the Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) had one unique and rare surprise for those who were that day in Monaco. Only a few hours before giving the traditional go at the famous Casino square, a public exhibition of the best drivers amazed both racing fans and visitors, with the Palais Princier in the background, the last sun rays of the day glanced over the stars of the day. To the lucky few’s rejoice, the amazing engines and drivers of the WRC were drifting around the Port Hercule, making this one unplanned surprise that the ACM had in its sleeves and truly raising everyone’s heart beat to another level (see pictures above).

Therefore, if you’re looking for the first adrenaline boosting event of the year, in one very unique location, with some of the best drivers in the World and are looking for one of a kind life experience, then the Rallye de Monte-Carlo is your next Rendez-Vous.

Remember the main dates:

January 21st from 18:15 - Departure from the Place du Casino in Monaco to Gap

January 22nd all day long - Departure & finish in Gap (the most intensive racing day)

January 23rd last day - Morning race and prize giving ceremony from 15:00

Click here for more info.


What's your bet, will Ogier and Ingrassia be able to do the hattrick and win for a 3rd time in a row?

While you check your betting budget, enjoy a few more pictures and let your adrenaline levels rise…

PS: Don't forget to put your seatbelts on!

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