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Rendez-Vous with History... the 19th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique!


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Rendez-Vous with History... the 19th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique!

Ivan Blanco

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When history meets Monte-Carlo...

... that's when 2015 World Rally Champion Sebastien Ogier wins for a 3rd time in a row at the Monte-Carlo Rally, making his place in the Motorsport history even greater. As long as he kept his pace and car in one piece, the victory was again at arms length for him and his copilot Julien Ingrassia. The Monte-Carlo edition is one of the least forgiving ones in the WRC calendar, which saw several of the top contenders succumb to its treacherous parcour.

Making history... Ogier & Ingrassa’s hattrick: 3rd win in Monte-Carlo.

With a slight change of time and track, this year's climax for the fans was held on the upper part of Monaco's port (where the F1 boxes are during the Grand Prix). After yet another great showcase to everyone's delight, the start of this 84th edition was as usual scheduled that same evening from the famous Casino square:

Making yet again the podium of one of the most prestigious races, Ogier may revalidate his World title a 3rd time in a row, if the Monte-Carlo tradition holds true;  7 out of the last 9 Monte-Carlo Rally winners ended up as World Champs, so, as I said on my last post, you may start betting...

Without giving the racing fans almost time to rest, another unique racing event just started 3 days after, history and tradition will take over Europe and Monaco's streets for the 19th Rally Monte-Carlo Historique

Monte-Carlo Rally Historique Sunset ride

The Historique edition is not just an ode to the unique and beautiful engines that took part in Monte-Carlo's Rally history, it's a version of the Rally that celebrates the pure explorer and traveler spirit that made the Rally Monte-Carlo so special and World famous back in 1911, when it all started. With departure points spreaded all over Europe, the 27th of January marks the starting date for the first contenders to hit the road, Oslo and Glasgow, followed by Bad Homburg, Barcelona and Reims on January 29th.

Oslo, Glasgow, Bad Homburg, Barcelona, Reims... destination: Monaco!

Wishing no mechanical failures nor accidents, the 300 registered participants will gather and showcase their classic beauties on Saturday 30th at the magnificent Gorges du Verdon from where they will start their journey across the Côte d'Azur's awe-inspiring landscapes, reaching at the end Monaco's glamorous streets that same evening. Every car lover and traveler can only feel envious about such a journey, and if you're around the area, admiring cars from all ages is a Rendez-Vous not to miss.

Remember the main dates:

January 27th - Start in Oslo & Glasgow

January 29th - Start in Bad Homburg, Barcelona & Reims

January 30th - Start in Gorges du Verdon & finish in Monaco

February 3rd - Arrival at night in Monaco for the last stage from 1.50am

Click here for more info.

Will you miss this unique opportunity to see the perfect mix of classic beauty, glamour, adventure and travel spirit?

While you mark it in your agendas, have a small appetizer below and admire some of the vintage beauties that will be back on the Riviera's roads!

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