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About Me

Hi there, I'm Ivan and some call me, the terrible!

Spanish and born in Switzerland, I speak 7 languages, I work in Monaco*, I'm a Communications freelancer and I love photography.

Even if this itself has quite an influence on my life development, the long dwelling decision to make my first ever "Camino de Santiago de Compostela" in September 2014, was one of my biggest life-changing experiences ever.  So much that cycling, photography and blogging became more than a passion, they are my lifestyle.

Here's that turn around journey:

Welcome to my travel cycling blog and feel free to join me on FBook, TWitter and IGram for more pics and stories. Thanks for the likes and keep dreaming!


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GaliciaTB - Galician Travel Bloggers - Spain

I'm part of GaliciaTB, which is a Galician Travel Bloggers association that either come from, live or have their origins in Galicia; the North West region of Spain. The main goals are to unite for collaborations, share knowledge and promote what we all love: our passion for travel and discover the World.

For more info visit the web here or follow GaliciaTB's updates on FBook, TWitter, IGram, G+ or P-interest.



Responsible Tourism Towards Animals is an initiative by FAADA Foundation created to expose the problems related to the use of animals in the tourism sector and the close relationship between these same problems and the disappearance of threatened species.

For more information visit their web here or follow FAADA on FBook or TWitter.


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Café du Cycliste is a modern and imaginative cycling clothing not far removed from the great tradition of French Cycling. Inspired by the many famous Cols of the Riviera, the main offices and even a real Café are both based in Nice. The clothing style and quality are in line with the Côte d'Azur's flair. 

I had the chance to use and test their unique apparel on my latest adventures, click here to discover more about them or follow them on FBook, TWitter, IGram, P-interest or Strava.


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