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Day 4: Zariquiegui - Estella

Ivan Blanco

Zariquiegui sunrise moments

Español aquí

After a wonderful people crossing the living room wake up, where the Italians and I were sleeping. We had the chance to witness one of the nicest sunrises I experienced in the whole Camino.

Fifth recommendation for the Camino: don't be picky on where you sleep, plastic rattling, people waking up early and sleeping anywhere are the norm.

Once I finished with another of my photo interviews, I headed out with Giulia and Nicola with the intention to reach Arcos on that day, but on the Camino only a few times things work out as planned, which is also a good, you'll see. 

Travel shapes

Remembering a little the dreadful hills of St. Jean Pied de Port (check day 1 part 1 and part 2), I arrived at the Paso del Perdón, a unique vantage point where you oversee Pamplona's lands and the next road to Santiago. The attraction there are a few iron made pilgrim shapes that are part of every "Peregrino"s photo album. Letting Giulia and Nicola lead, I stayed a little bit more and mingled with other pilgrims, meeting a nice Italian journalists couple from San Remo, Stefano and Silvia, I talked with them about my photo project and we had a great conversation on communication and journalism.

"Spero vedervi presto a Nizza ragazzi !".

As back in Zubiri, I had again one bumpy ride downhill, with stones, roots and water made furrows. I went on however and managed to reach Puente de la Reina for a small pit stop. It was on my agenda as a place to sleep, but it felt like I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as Zariquiegui. After 2 fruits and 2 croissants from the town's market, I went for a quick pic of the bridge that gives the town's name: Puente de la Reina (=The Queen's bridge).

San Remo & Nice

With Arcos as my final destination in mind, I headed out with still a couple of hours of pedaling. But I didn't have lunch, so I stopped in Lorca for some beer and one of our national dishes: Tortilla (Spanish omelette)! Don't confuse it with the Mexican ones, ours are fat and really tasty! The best one is made by my Mum (every Spaniard will tell you the same thing from theirs ;) ). When I was almost finishing, Giulia and Nicola, which I had left in front at Alto del Perdon, entered the same bar, and obviously another beer round had to be shared. It was also the first time I met another Italian with a long beard and which I won't see and get to know until later in the Camino.

Once I reached Estella, my first attempt to get a place to sleep failed, the first available Albergue was just filled up by a pilgrim in front of me, however, remembering my first Camino recommendation, I happily went on. I was still considering to ride further to Arcos (22km more), so I ended up in the tourism office to see what the route had to offer. Destiny might have taken me there again, because that was where I made one of the most lasting encounters of my Camino...

Stay tuned for day 5 of my Camino to discover who I met this time...

Day 3: Villava - (Zubiri) - Zariquiegui

Ivan Blanco

Español aquí

After having to call for decency to a group of elder Brits and tell them that not everyone wakes up at 5 am for the Camino, I started a new Camino day that was going to be a another great one.

Fourth recommendation for the Camino: you're an early bird? Pack your stuff the day before, put your alarm under your pillow and leave quietly!

My favourite beer and my love in the background!

The first good thing was that I got an answer from my missing phone, some pilgrims found it on a Camino milestone and they were heading to Zubiri. Hesitating if I should wait in Villava, I finally went back to Zubiri (15 km each way) and, once there, to my surprise I found a bar selling my favourite beer: Estrella Galicia!

"Waitress, gimme a pint! "

My phone rescuers and me

Second good thing was that my phone rescuers were already in Zubiri at noon, so I got my phone and even made new Camino friends. Obviously, another beer round had to be shared.

Muchas gracias Jose, Fernando y Juan, sois cojonudos!


I guess it finally had to be like this in order to make me redo the missing kms from my first day (see day 1 part 2).

After taking a quick peek around Pamplona, I left the city but got quite some problems to leave it. Trying to find the right yellow arrows (typical Camino signs), I got lost at least 3 times and happened to cross a few times another bike couple.

Having nightfall coming on me, I ended up in an unpronounceable town: Zariquiegui!

Pamplona's pilgrim entry

I went to the first available Albergue and I guess that if you manage to say the town's name right 3 times in a row, you might get a free night... me I didn't!

I was glad to end up there because I found again the bikers couple, Nicola and Giulia. They're actually from Luca (Italy) and it was amazing to hear that they were doing the Camino for their honeymoon.


Another great thing? This Albergue had my favourite beer too!

Which ended up in me promoting it to everyone and have three Germans joining us for a few rounds until pilgrim's late night out... 11 pm (PS: some pilgrims even go to sleep at 9 pm) !